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Hello Dear Reader, Dear Customer, Dear Parent,

it’s nice to see you here.

You’re at Active Family Store, a place for practical and fun-loving families. On the website, you’ll find articles about active family lifestyle and our shop with quality items for families, for parents and kids. We offer also the best books and courses concerning parenting and connected subjects.

Our mission here at Active Family Store is to make your active family lifestyle easier, more satisfying and less problematic by helping you to choose things that are of a real quality, really needed and simplifying the fun time spent together.

We don’t have many products here, because we have only the best, well-chosen items. We could present hundreds of strollers available on the market. But instead of this, we present you about 20 strollers that are really worth paying for: designed with both kids’ and parent’s comfort in mind, safe and functional.

Active Family Store is built to make your research for fings for fun-loving, adventurous, outdoors family easier and faster. You find here the pre-researched collection of products, chosen based on their quality, safety and functionality.

And our aim is to give you honest and as detailed as possible product’s description. If we find any con of the product, we tell you about it, when only possible giving you other options – products that have the missing feature.

Why are we doing this?

The world is now overflowing with stuff and offers. All produced items, all things to buy are called necessary and the best. But we know that’s not the truth.

Most people have experienced that many things are of poor quality, almost one-use-only. And they’ve bought them hoping for a good, functional thing. And paying the price of a good, functional thing!

What’s more, as minimalists, we know that many advertised things simply aren’t necessary and have no function, are useless.

In Active Family Store we have only things that are really necessary or improve the time spent together as a family.

All products are evaluated in terms of both kids’ and parent’s comfort, safety and checked whether they are kid-proof.

We see ourselves as curators, presenting the best advice and products for families loving the active lifestyle.


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Active Family Store - about this place

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